Let us redefine what your technology can do for you.

Whether you need a printer hooked up in the family room or a server overhaul in the main branch, Silverwulf has you covered with our fast, reliable, and affordable service.

Information Technology Managed Services

Silverwulf is a managed IT services provider that provides affordable proactive IT management and support to growing businesses. Utilizing our unique framework, Silverwulf provides a range of proactive services to keep your technology infrastructure up and running and your people and business productive.

We take care of all our clients IT needs so they can focus on their business.

Business Systems

Server Administration

Your business can't afford to waste time, money, or resources.  Silverwulf can make recommendations tailored to your organization on not just how to stay up and running, but how to work better.  Cloud based email systems, shared calendars and contacts, VPNs, and remote document sharing are just some of the advantages our clients have over their competition.  And if you're looking for a cost-effective web presence, look no further.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

SilverWulf's Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Intelligent Business Continuity provides on and off site backup protection for your Server, NAS, or Workstation.  At the same time, providing Ransomware detection and prevention.

Business continuity eliminates downtime, getting you back up and running within minutes or hours, not days or weeks with instant virtualization options. 


Web Design

Want to make a home movie out of those great pictures but don't know how?  How about utilizing your iPhone in ways you never imagined?  Not only will the techs at SilverWulf teach you whatever you're interested in learning, we'll even type up directions as we go - specific to your computer and equipment.  Never again wonder,  "How'd they do that?"  We'll show you, in plain English -  not Computer-techno-speak.

New System Setup

Data Transfer and Recovery

If your old machine just isn't cutting it for you, we can help make a new computer feel more like home.  We'll transfer your photos, documents, and music to your new system, all while securing you and educating you about your new machine.  We'll also introduce you to backup options, so if the unthinkable happens all your memories and hard work will be safe and sound.  And if your computer isn't booting and you think you've lost everything, don't give up hope.  You'd be surprised what a skilled technician from SilverWulf can recover.

Wireless Network Setup, Printer Sharing, Remote Access

Get more work done with ease as all of your computers share everything securely and wirelessly.  Print your reports from your laptop to a printer in another room, share your video library by streaming it to all of your devices, and then use your new know-how to access your office computer from home to pull up that spreadsheet you need - all with just a few clicks.  We can make it simple, secure, and  dare we say it, fun.